Remove PYNQ partition(s) (boot and filesystem) off SD Card

Now that I’ve a working ZCU208 PYNQ build, I want to keep the boot and filesystem partitions off of SD Card as much as possible. I see instructions for flashing the boot partition components here:

[Documentation Portal]

But there is only 4GB of flash on the ZCU208; not enough for the boot and root filesystem partitions. Right now, the root file system takes almost 4GB on the EXT4 partition, and there appears to be only 4GB of RAM on the ZCU208 processing system. I suppose a ram-drive could be set up and populated from the SD Card EXT4 filesystem at boot, but the filesystem would have to be made smaller. Has anyone configured a ZCUxxx for flash-based and ram-based operation, leaving the SD Card read only? Another option, I suppose, is to get UBoot to boot over the network, but that still leaves the EXT4 root filesystem. Are there any links that discuss this? There is a link here that discusses this in general, but there are no other specific links: PYNQ-Z1 boot from QSPI Flash Thank you.

If you are using Windows OS, clone the image via Win32DiskImage software.
Why cloning is the first step is because always make backup before start anything.
Then you can go to the Linux environment to extract the fat and ext4 and also enlarge it easily.
This is the method I will approach.