PYNQ OS not booting anymore. [end Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,2)]

I have a PYNQ-Z2 Board connected to a local network which was working for some time. I uploaded a newer .hwh file and .bit file to the Webinterface to use it with my Jupyter Notebook. While uploading the board froze and I had to restart the board by turning off the power switch and turning it on again. Since then the SD Card seems to be corrupted because it isnt able to boot from it anymore. While booting it shows the log I copied to the attached txt file.
bootLog.txt (16.1 KB)

I guess I have to reformat the SD Card and flash a new Image on it to get it starting again, but it would be great if I could somehow recover the Jupyter Notebook from the SD Card.
I tried to read the SD Card from my linux computer to get access to the filesystem, but the only files are, boot.scr, BOOT.BIN, image.ub, REVISION and the folder System Volume Information. I guess without booting I have no access to the filesystem and therefor cannot recover my Jupyter Notebook,
Is there a way to somehow reboot the last bootable state or is there maybe another possibility to access the filesystem and especially my Jupyter file?

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Hi @lev,

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The SD card has two partitions, the one where the data gets saved has the format ext4. You can open that partition with a Linux system.


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