How to access two levels of hierachy on PYNQ-Z1

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to encode and decode a message on my PYNQ-Z1 board using the Reed Solomon Encoder/Decoder IP blocks on Vivado 2020.1.
While trying to do so, I couldn’t access the encoder/decoder dma on Jupyter Notebook.

Here are the errors that I get (and the Vivado Block Diagrams and the Github link to all the project)
Github link: GitHub - MeriemOumaymaHAMDI/ReedSolomon_Encoder_Decoder


You are correct in assuming that you should be able to test.RS_0.encoder_dma. It looks like the issue is in how interrupts are being handled. Can you try following the base overlay design pattern of attaching all of your interrupt lines to an interrupt controller which in turn connects to the PS?