How to build PYNQ image in Ubuntu 20.04


I am working with Ubuntu 20.04. According to the following guide, only Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04 are supported. How about building PYNQ image in Ubuntu 20.04 ?

PYNQ 2.7 will be released soon and will support 20.04. Can you wait a few weeks?
You can track here: GitHub - Xilinx/PYNQ at image_v2.7 but this is still work in progress and won’t be stable until the release.


Not for now, the only way is to create a VM with 18.04 and work from there but you need to install Vivado/Vitis/Petalinux on that VM unitl Ubuntu 20.04 is supported

How many hours it actually takes to build the image. It is stated in readthedocs that
“The build flow can take several hours. By default images for all of the supported boards will be built.” Can we customize the process to generate PYNQ image for ZYBO Z7-20 in less time ?

I just search and found this link.

Which files for ZYBO do we need to put in he SD card as PYNQ image ?

I have downloaded the folder PYNQ-master and got the following error when I run “make”. Is this due to Ubuntu 20.04 or due to some other reason ?

abc@alpha:/scratch2/abc/Xilinx/Petalinux/PYNQ-master/sdbuild$ make
fatal: not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /)
Stopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set).
version | fgrep 4.0.0
/bin/bash: version: command not found
make: [Makefile:339: qemu_check_aarch64] Error 1 (ignored)
version | fgrep 4.0.0
/bin/bash: version: command not found
make: [Makefile:339: qemu_check_arm] Error 1 (ignored)
vivado -version | fgrep 2020.1
make: *** [Makefile:356: checkenv] Error 1