How to contribute project to the list of community projects?

I would like to contribute an example to the list of community projects. It is maybe a trivial one, but I was not able to find a working example implementing a simple matrix multiplication (on a PYNQ-Z1 board).

I thought it might be useful for other members of the community and newbies that come across a similar situation.

Link to the project:


Perhaps you could do a short write up of this and post it to the Learn section as a tutorial?


Hi Cathal
Thanks for your reply.
I think it is more of an example than a tutorial, but sure, why not.
Any guidelines on how to write the tutorial?

I missed this post, and I realize this is a very late reply :frowning:
I’m hoping this is better late than never…
We don’t have any particular guidelines for tutorials, but you can see some examples in the Learn section. Some people write tutorials in a notebook, some in pure Markdown, some people have made video tutorials and uploaded to YouTube. I think it depends on what you are trying to do. Some formats lend themselves better to particular topics.
I’d suggest anyone interested in writing a tutorial checks our a few examples and copy the parts or styles you like best.