Pynq overlay HLS vivado

Hi everyone, I am trying to write mat multiplication on pyqn custom overlay on ultra96v2 board.
But i meet some problem in Vivado HLS.

I have no idea why there is a mistake when i try to use C synthesis .
It tells me that i can not find the head file, but i have added the head file when creating the project!
The following is the picture where i add my add file!
Do i add the head file in the wrong way or there is something wrong during the work?
Thanks a lot!


Where is the matmult.h actually located? Is it in the same path as matmult_accel.cpp?
If you double-click on matmult.h on the Outline pane, does the file open?


Thanks a lot! I have loaded successfully! Hope you have a nice day!

What was the issue?

I have not move my head file to the same location where cpp file is.

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