How to get the 2.6.0 version zcu104 pynq image?

Could anyone tell me how to get an official 2.6.0 version zcu104 pynq image.I only found 2.7 at
thanks a lot

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Could you please let us know why you want this old version?
Available here:


Firstly,Thanks for your help!!!
And the reason is, several days ago I saw a diagram which pointed out that a specific version of pynq img matches a specific version of HLS.And I tried my code on hls 2020.2 but it failed when running simulation,which ran smoothly on hls 2020.1.
So I quitted trying 2020.2 vesion, and I really have no idea whether this 2_7 version pynq img is compatible with 2020.1 version bitstream and .tcl file.

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OK, there are a few things to mention here.

The Xilinx HLS tool went through a major update recently from “Vivado” HLS to “Vitis” HLS. Some code works in a different way in Vitis HLS so needs to be modified. I expect this is what happened to your code.

PYNQ supports particular versions of Vivado rather than HLS. HLS generates RTL that is used in Vivado so there is less of a dependency between HLS and PYNQ. You may be able to use different versions of HLS with Vivado, although this is probably not recommended, and you probably don’t want to install multiple versions of Xilinx tool chains. However, some HLS code will instantiate versions of primitives or IP that are found in Vivado. For example if you use floats in your HLS code, the RTL will instantiate floating point cores. These cores can change version between Vivado releases, so it is better to keep the versions in sync.

If you are still using Tcl files with your bitstream, you should switch to using the HWH instead of the Tcl. The HWH is auto generated by Vivado. Just search you implemented project directory for it. There may be more than one HWH, but you should be able to identify the top level one. HWH gives more functionality than the Tcl.
See a video of the PYNQ register map functionality here
The option to use Tcl is deprecated in recent PYNQ versions and removed from the latest. It shouldn’t really be more effort to use the HWH. You don’t need to change your design. (I realize if you have the bitstream and Tcl for an old design but not the HWH it could be inconvenient to rebuild the project just to get it.)

The most important things is that in future you will have to use the new versions if you continue working with Xilinx/PYNQ. I know it takes more effort to fix things that were working in previous versions, but it may be better to do this sooner rather than later.



Thanks again, your replys solve some confusions of myself.
And I will consider fixing those errors occurred in my code by Vitis HLS 2020.2 as soon as possible.After some practices I believe I can handle this pynq thing better.