How to move design with ROM ip to block design?


board : pynq-z2
version : v2.5

I try to modify the DMA tutorial from the website below:

I want to combine my design in to the block design of DMA. However, my design contain many vivado ROM IPs. it seems that i can not simply move the design into block design. There is so many ROM IP in our design (more than 40). Is there any way to do that without using block design? Or I must modify each port relative to the ROM IPs in block design to the top design and connect them one by one?

From the description in your question, I’m not sure what you are trying to do or what the problem is.

If this is a Vivado IPI or block diagram question, you may be better posting on the Xilinx forums. A block diagram, or a snippet of your code may help people understand what your problem is.

If you have some repetitive operation, you may be able to use a Tcl script to simplify creating your design.


OK.Thank you!