How to parallel process acquire analog signal and implete discrete signal process

Hello,I use pynq-z2 to acquire a ECG(analog) signal(AD process),and then implete the time series(DSP process).
My problem is I can’t achieve both stages in same time. I acquire ECG signal first(AD process), and then I do digital signal process(DSP process). During the process of DSP(diginal signal pross),I can’t acquire ECG signal(the AD process).It means I will miss almost 1 seconds real signal when DSP process is work.
How can I achiieve the target to acquire analog signal(AD process) and digiital signal prosess(DSP process) at the same time.

I use a new image for pynq-z2(version 2.5) and I find i maybe could use Asyncio Integration.
let me try

Maybe you could make a custom bitstream using AXI stream, AXI DMA and Asyncio. It’s just a idea.