How to transfer files from PC to PYNQ notebook by script?

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I’d like to inquire if you have the experience to convert the following GUI things by scripts which it can facilitate the flow. Do you have any suggestion in the automation? Is it doable?
If yes, would you please provide some hints or references?

Create SAMBA on PYNQ manually in the GUI, for example :
laptop%xdg-open .

In the file manager GUI, it clicks to connect to server via


I’m not really sure I understand what you are asking.

Samba is running on the PYNQ board. This creates a share from the board to the network that can be accessed by your host PC.

Are you trying to connect to your computer from the board? What “GUI” are you referring to?


I’d like to use automation script to create the SAMBA running on the PYNQ board with the laptop and then upload the new updated bit file on the PYNQ by “push button flow” instead of manipulation in the user interface of the operation systems. Thanks

Samba is a service already running on the board.
I’m presuming you are trying to script copying the files from your host PC to the board?

This isn’re really a PYNQ question, and I’d suggest you google how to do this for the OS you are using.

On windows, the you can map a drive from the windows cmd prompt like this:
net use P: “\\xilinx” /user:“xilinx” “xilinx”

This maps the path to the “P:” drive.

After that, you can just use “copy”

You can do similar on Linux etc. You should also be able to integrate this with Tcl if you want to run the copy from within Vivado.


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