Cannot Connect to Samba drive


I am having trouble connecting the file sharing drive on the pynq board. I am connecting the board with my router and I have followed the instructions on this link ( this link ( I am able to ping the board and connect to the jupyter portal, but when I type \pynq or \pynq\xlilinx in file explorer, A error message appears saying cannot find \pynq.

EDIT: I am using double backslash in file explorer

Can you give more info? Which OS (windows?), version of PYNQ, what network are you on (home/work)?

Can you ping pynq or ping <ip address of board> ?

If windows, we’ve found an issue on some Windows machines that you can’t browse directly to the shared folder. Instead you need to map the folder as a network drive (and you need to specify //pynq/xilinx) and select the options to sign in with different credentials (i.e. use xilinx:xilinx as user:password).
I never figured out what the cause of this was. This was also on my work computer where some settings are managed by IT, so I was never sure if it was caused by some setting or something on our network, version of Samba etc. We only saw this on some machines, other machines on the same network were OK.

If this doesn’t work, please try post back with as much info about your setup as you can.


I am on windows, and on my home network. I can ping pynq. After mapping to the folder as a network drive I was able to connect. Thank You!

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