I/Q Demodulation

Hi, I am new to single processing and am having some basic trouble with the RFSoC 2x2 board. I am trying to vary the I/Q components of a signal using the hardware (if possible). I would like to use the built in Mixer and have been trying to change the (ADC and DAC) MixerSettings and QMCSettings to no avail. The output for any given signal has real and imaginary components suggesting this is possible. Is there something I am missing here? Do we need to change I/Q components in the data analysis or can we just change the MixerSettings to get the desired output?

Hi there,

The pynq xrfdc package should have what you need to interact with the mixer and change the basic settings. Or did you want to make changes from a hardware design / not in python?

There are some good examples to help understand these things in the RFSoC Workshop (based on the rfsoc qpsk demo). And more examples that are supported for the RFSoC2x2 on this repo.


Thank you so much! The first notebook was very helpful!