I use the create_rootfs.sh and install_packages.sh scripts to create PYNQ files, but the DNS service fails

PYNQ version: v3.0.1

ubuntu version: 2020.04

I parsed the Makefile script of the PYNQ project and found that the PYNQ file system can be compiled manually. There are mainly two scripts, one create_package.sh is used to grab the basic root file system of ubuntu, and then make changes to the file system according to the requirements of PYNQ. This is a mirror of stage1, and the input parameters are entered as the input parameters of the Makefile; Having successfully obtained the stage1 file system, I ran it on the board. Because there is no dns configuration, so I can not successfully start the dns service here, but I started to use the install_packages.sh script, to create a stage2 mirror, which contains the dns configuration file, this script is executed, I just added the ethernet and pynq packages, the other packages were not added. But after the startup, still can not successfully start the dns service, I do not know what is except the problem?

The error message is as follows:

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