Incorrect data transmission with FFT Vivado IP core

Greetings Community,
I’m reaching out to discuss a spectrum monitoring project involving Vivado and the RFSoC4x2 board, integrated with Jupyter Notebook. Currently, I’m encountering an issue with incorrect data transmission while attempting to process time domain data sampled by the onboard RF ADC and transform is via Fast Fourier Transform IP core:

Attached, you’ll find my block design.
design_1.pdf (224.7 KB)

I’ve successfully implemented a project that brings time domain data from onboard ADC to the Jupyter Notebook interface, performing Fourier transforms using the numpy library within the processing system.
Additionally, I’ve accomplished another project which facilitates the Fast Fourier Transform IP block from Vivado, utilizing random time domain data generated in the Jupyter. My aim now is to merge these two approaches to process real time domain data obtained through onboard ADC with the programmable logic Fast Fourier Transform.

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