Interfacing OpenAI Robotics Simulator (MuJoCo) with PYNQ-Z2


I am trying to interface a robotics simulator (MuJoCo) with my PYNQ-Z2 board (PYNQ-Z1 image) and am running into issues. The general idea is that I am trying to pass vectors between the simulator and the FPGA. Thus, I am interested in two approaches:

  1. Install MuJoCo on the board and directly control the FPGA design via MuJoCo.
  2. Use MuJoCo that is already installed on my laptop and somehow have the running simulation interface with the FPGA on-the-fly.

The robotics simulator is installed by running:

pip install gym[mujoco]

When I try approach 1, I am running into installation errors that I did not receive when installing MuJoCo on my laptop. It says “RuntimeError: MUJOCO_PATH environment variable is not set”. Regarding approach 2, I have no idea how to interface a running Python program with an FPGA i.e. how to set up a communication between laptop Python file and the FPGA design.

Would anyone be able to help me with either of these methods? Any insight is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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