Jupyter Book crash after login to Jupyter note Book

Custom Board xc7z010clg400
Jupyter book can login after boot but not long it is no longer accessible on Chrome.
The window explore entering the ifconfig stated IP of the board is able to access files:

And idea and solution or missing during build?
Thank you

xilinx@pynq:~$ ps aux | grep jupyter
xilinx 833 0.0 0.0 6752 492 ttyPS0 S+ 19:12 0:00 grep --color=auto jupyter

sudo -i
can login to root

explorer can access via \192.168.xx.xx and move files

Hi there,

Are you sure that jupyter is running on your board, something might have caused it to crash. The output of ps aux | grep jupyter shows the grep command running (itself) but not jupyter. Can you try running this as root:

jupyter server --allow-root

And then see if you can connect?

All the best,

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Thank you,
I had regenerate the SD image and jupyter note book is stable after that.

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