Jupyter login password failure

I have my computer connected directly to the pynq-z1 via an ethernet cable. Following the setup instructions, I have a static IP on the computer. I can connect to the pynq-z1 using ping, ssh, and samba. But when I use my browser to login to the jupyter server, I cannot do so. The webpage asks for a password (although no username is displayed). I tried the default ‘xilinx’ password, but I just get an ‘invalid password’ response. The password is correct when I ssh.

I tried to create a new jupyter password and hash, via pynq instructions here, and also tried to disable the password, as described here. It failed in both cases (I rebooted the pynq-z1 after changing the config file, but before trying to log in).

I’m stuck for ideas. What else could be wrong?

Likely to be this issue.


Yes, that was the problem. Thanks!