Let multiple microphones work simultaneously on PYNQ-Z1


I’m currently trying to connect multiple PDM microphones to PYNQ-Z1 and let them work simultaneously as a microphone array. I followed the idea in this post: 16 microphone MEMS (PDM) sur ma PYNQ-Z2.

What I have done is duplicating the audio_direct IP several times in my custom overlay and connecting microphones to the board. I’ve tested in python code that every IP works individually with the provided lib functions.

Now I’m looking for some insights that how to make all microphones recording sounds simultaneously (totally 16 mics). It seems to me that I cannot accomplish this purely on the software side. Should I do something like modifying my PL design and writing my own driver codes? It will be best if there are some relatively simple ways to do this.

The board version I’m working on is PYNQ-Z1 v3.0.1.


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