Suggestions for Pynq lab modules

I teach a practical electronics course for Physics majors at UC Davis, emphasizing things they would need to know to design or work with data acquisition systems. When I took over the course six years ago, the digital labs were entirely built around bread boarding TTL chips; ie everything they would have needed to design circuits in the 1970s. Since then, I’ve built a bunch of labs around the Alchitry-Au Xilinx dev board, but this year, I want to implement the microprocessor part (which used to be Arduino) using Pynq Z2s, which will be a smoother transition from the purely FPGA part. I’ve tentatively scheduled four labs, the first one playing with the base overlay, and working up to (possibly?) something like a transient digitizer.

Does anyone have any suggestions or maybe know about similar labs that have been designed along these lines?