Low-cost PYNQ Board with VCU core

I’m interested in learning about the Xilinx ecosystem and PYNQ and was wondering if there is a low-cost PYNQ supported board (up to 200 EUR) that contains the Video Codec Unit (VCU) IP Core. I am primarily interested in video processing pipelines hence the request.


If you want to have a video codec unit on your board you have to go for one of the Xilinx EV series MPSoC (Ex. ZCU104, Aldec TySOM-3-ZU7EV) other MPSoC doesn’t have VCU. I don’t think you will get VCU integrated board in this price range, though I am not exactly sure.

The Avnet Ultrazed EV with carrier is probably the least expensive board. There is a detailed review of the features here:

I should make clear PYNQ would have to be ported to the board. It is possible to port it but no one so far has actually done it.