Make fails - wrong version of qemu

I am trying to run make on a physical linux machine instead of my VM because it takes so long to build - my vm host is resource limited. I’ve run into a problem with this and have been stuck on it since yesterday. I believe I’ve narrowed it down to a version problem with qemu.

When running the file I see that it downloads and attempts to install qemu version 2.8 as the make file expects. The problem is that there seems to be two different versions - 2.5 and version 2.8 and the make file is checking the location of the 2.5 one not the 2.8 one.

The error from the make file is shown below:

Here is a screenshot of the two different qemu locations that each contain a different version of the qemu-arm-static. The /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static is 2.5 and the make file keeps looking here. The 2.8 version the make file needs is located in /opt/qemu/bin.

My virtual machine didn’t have an issue with this, but this one does so my questions are:

  1. Did I mess up the make file somehow?
  2. Do I need to direct the makefile manually to the correct location or does the default location it uses need to hold the 2.8 version?

Here is a log of my output in case this is helpful. This was run as sudo ./

setup_hosts_logfile.txt (54.4 KB)

So I think the problem was that I didn’t “source” the I have now gotten past this problem, but I think this is a symptom of the real problem which is that I have to run “source” every time I want to make the pynq project. So my question now the following.

Running every time I open a new terminal - is that the expected behavior or should I, in theory, only have to run once on a new machine?

This is a little time consuming because I have to run for each new terminal/shell instance and it compiles and downloads all of the packages/code/qemu every time. This is especially strange because it successfully installs qemu each time, but doesn’t remember it seems like.

You don’t have to source the everytime. All you need to do is:

export PATH="/opt/crosstool-ng/bin:/opt/qemu/bin:$PATH"
source <vivado_settings>
source <petalinux_settings>
petalinux-util --webtalk off

Then you are ready to go.

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