Error while running script

First things first (details):

  • PYNQ version you are using : v3.0
  • Your board : Arty z7

I’m using the following versions of tools and OS:

  1. Vivado and vitis 2022.1
  2. Petalinux 2022.1
  3. OS: ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

Im trying to build pynq image for arty z7 board. When I try to run /sdbuild/scripts/ the script is failing to connect to qemu page. The issue is as follows (I am adding some lines of the script’s output for more details):

–2024-06-15 23:41:39-- (try: 2)
Connecting to ( | | 80… failed: Connection timed out.

The page which the script is searching for is not available. Should I change the script, or am I missing something?

Also, if someone already has a PYNQ image for arty Z7 board and is willing to share it, it will be highly helpful.


I’m building for a different board, but I hit the same problem. I changed in to and it worked.

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