Microblaze UART not recognized in Kria

Hello. I am trying to add a axi_uartlite to the base overlay of Kria KV260. I am using Vivado 2020.2.2 to generate the bitstream, and it works. When I try to use the overlay in pynq, I cannot use <uart.h>.

%%microblaze ol.iop_pmod0
#include <uart.h>
int uart_function() {
    uart device0 = uart_open(0, 1);

I receive a “Compile Failed” error. Even if I only declare a variable of uart type, I receive an error indicating it is not recognized. However, I can use other libraries, such as pyprintf and gpio.
What could be the reason for this error? (I have used the latest pynq version, and I have attached the .bit and .hwh files)

uart3.bit (7.4 MB)
uart3.hwh (1.5 MB)