*Modified* Problem with streaming video hdmi - file LTX - Pynq z2

I am having trouble while trying to program a streaming video application. I am using a Pynq z2 and I am working in vivado 2019.2, but I have tried this also in vivado 2018.3.

I was following this video: HDMI Video Pipeline Design Implementation on Zynq 7000 SoC (Pynq-Z1) - YouTube
As far as I know I’ve followed it perfectly. Validation is correct, syntesis as well, but problems come when I try to connect the board in the hardware manager, after cliking “auto connect” it gives me these errors:

[Designutils 20-2514] Invalid LTX file version:

I don’t know what this LTX file is and I’ve looked for it inside my project but it doesn’t exist. Moreover, I’ve never seen a topic about this error before.

Here I show the design I’ve used, I would like to share also the bitstream but it is not different from the one generated by the tutorial I linked before, since I’ve followed it bit by bit.
For any further question don’t mind asking for more details.

It looks like you are using different versions of Vivado: