New PYNQ-Z2 user basic questions

I just finished setting up my new PYNQ-Z2 board using 3.01 image.
I plan on customizing the FPGA and writing Pyhton to control some test & measurement equipment (via GPIB ports) and interfacing with ADC/DAC devices via a few dedicated SPI channels.
I Was wondering if I have to use Jupyter & Notebooks as my development environment?
What is the best alternative?

Hi @bitrot,

Welcome to the PYNQ community.

Can you clarify which part are you referring to for “development environment”?


Hi Mario,
I read that the recommended development platform for PYNQ is Jupyter Notebooks. I was wondering if there’s another methodology.

Hi @bitrot,

For the software part we recommend Jupyter Notebooks. You can also use the Vitis embedded Vitis Embedded (SDK)

For the overlay development, you will always need Vivado.


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Thanks for the feedback.
I read recently that Vivado is now included in Vitis. Is that true?

Also, can I just write Python code using my favorite Python IDE and then run them on the Pynq-Z2 ?