Vitis support

Hi, I’m using pynq z2 and am trying to export hardware components on the vitis platform. I understand that this forum is particularly dedicated for pynq related querries, however, I have received no response on the Xilinx forum and begrudgingly turn towards the kindness of others. It’s the Vitis IDE version that is creating a problem for me. Even though I built my entire project on the Vivado 2023.2 version, for some reason, Vitis fails to recognize that and enforces the idea that the project in fact, was created on the Classic version and is incompatible with the present unified version. I even tried to invoke the command ‘vitis --classic workspace <>’ as per xilinx forum’s recommendation but that failed to yield any results too. I would appreciate help in any way possible. Thanks!

Hi @ag2906,

Can you share link to the Xilinx forum post?
Any more information you can provide?

Maybe, since Vivado 2024.1 is out, you can try it.