Petalinux error building PYNQ-Z1 v2.6.0 from prebuilt image

I have a VM with Ubuntu v18.04.4 with Vitis & Petalinux versions 2020.1. I’m trying to build an image for PYNQ-Z1 v2.6.0 using the prebuilt image I got from the website, but I’m getting a petalinux error after the vivado build finishes, where the configuration command is crashing.

This is the error:
[INFO] silentconfig project
env: ‘conf’: No such file or directory
ERROR: Failed to silentconfig project component
ERROR: Failed to config project.
ERROR: Get hw description Failed!.

Attached is the full log:
build.log (90.9 KB)

Does anyone know why this is happening?

This was resolved by reinstalling Petalinux and restarting the computer

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