PS DDR Init fails: 0x00FD080030 PHY General Status Register 0 stucks at Deskew Done

We have a board with RFSoC XCZU49DR with PS DDR 4GB
We are facing an issue with PS DDR Initialization, The following address returns this:
Address: 0xFD080030 returns: 80C000FF
Which as per this register map: Zynq UltraScale+ Devices Register Reference
it is some Deskew done of read and write/ Eye training done error is showing.
We are getting below in vivado command:

xsdb% targets -set -filter {name =~ “PSU”};
xsdb% psu_init
start of psu_ddr_reg
start of psu_ddr_reg0
PHY initialization to complete
DDR initialization complete
DDR Dummy reads
DDR before trigger PHY training
data := FD080030: 80C000FF

Memory read error at 0xFD080030. Invalid DAP IDCODE ffffffff. Invalid DAP ACK value: 4

We would welcome your suggestions.

We have another working board where the same address returns : FD080030: 80000FFF

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This may be a board issue, and seems to be unrelated to PYNQ.
You may be better posting on the Xilinx forums.


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Hi cathalmccabe
Thanks for your suggestion.
I understand/agree that, Since this is a community forum, i was looking for suggestions

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