PYNQ v2.6 not booting up on PYNQ-Z2 board

I am trying to use PYNQ v2.6 image with Z2 board and I see only power LED(CR8) on after a wait time. I suspect the v2.6 image itself isn’t booting and it remains so forever. I am using SanDisk 64GB SD card with image written using Win32 Disk Imager.

Upon writing the .img to SD card, it also renders and boot.scr (these 2 files are not seen in v2.5)

I have tried loading v2.5 and that works fine though. One thing I see is that the generated .scr file takes dependency of the windows screen saver file. Would that cause trouble for booting? I am confused. Let me know what you think about this issue and possible fixes.


Can you attach a USB cable and open a terminal and check the log during boot to see if it completes?


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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and the terminal is fully blank(@115200 baud, COM9 in my case)
So, that means the device is not recognizing the boot files at all?