PYNQ RFSoC Vivado 2019.1 designs

I have been running PYNQ on the RFSoC since the release of the initial 2.4 image. I recently saw that v2.5 was released and from what I understand in the release note the bsp and linux were built using Vivado 2019.1. I made an new image from the v2.5 release and a design in Vivado 2019.1 using the RFDC and am now running into an issue when initializing the RFDC in my notebook.

The attached image shows the traceback of the error returned in my notebook. It complains that when doing the XRFdc_Config initialization step that there is no “C_Sysref_Master” key. Does this mean that the the xrfdc drivers in PYNQ have not yet been updated for changes in 2019.1? Am I limited to still producing overlays in Vivado 2018.3?

Correct. We have not updated RFSoC bitstreams to 2019.1 due to licensing issues. The building of the 2019.1 bitstreams requires matlab license which I don’t have, so I cannot reproduce at this moment.

Thank you for the reply.

I understand that his would be true for the QPSK demo. But does this also apply to designs that aren’t the demo? Is any design made using the RFDC in Vivado 2019.1 not compatible with PYNQ yet?

Hi there

I ran into this problem as well. My workaround is to hack the file in packages/xrfdc/pkg/xrfdc
Just comment out the lines with the strings

MasterADCTile - line 90
MasterDACTile - line 91
FifoEnable - lines 46,60

Then the PYNQ init routines etc will run without crashing. I posted about this earlier this week.

[ BTW if you have succeeded in getting PYNQ to program the LMX2594 clocks on the ZCU111 board please let me know !! Simply cannot get the LMX PLLs to work. Cheers Simon ]

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