Pynq-z1 board does not power up

I have set the JP5 jumper to REG and JP4 to SD. I am running the Pentalinux on the Pynq. When I connect the power adapter jack to the board and slide the SW4 switch to ON, nothing happens. I checked the voltage on the power socket (J18) and it reads 12V.

Also, the metal covers of the USB HOST, HDMI OUT and HDMI IN ports are leaking current because I can feel a subtle vibration-like-movement when I touch those ports with bare hand.

I did a continuity test on the SW4 switch. When it’s off, there’s a connection between ‘OFF’ terminal and ‘POWER’ terminal but when it’s on, there is no connection between ‘ON’ terminal and ‘POWER’ terminal. I connected a jumper to short those two terminals but nothing happens still.

I would really really appreciate if you could help me resolve this issue.
Thank you.

Setting JP5 jumper to REG and JP4 to SD is all you really need. After that, powering the board on through SW4 with the power adapter plugged in should just work.

Unless there’s something going on with the power adapter itself, it seems to me there’s a hardware fault with your board.