PYNQ Z2 with movidius

Is there any tutorials to connect PYNQ Z2 with Intel Movidius Neural Comupute Stick 1? I can’t find anywhere.

Did you try a google search? I know some people have looked at this:

I’m not sure what guides/docs are available.


Thanks for replying.
I saw this above mentioned link and while setting up the PYNQ for Movidius NCS, I am not able to install the dependencies.
I am not able to connect to the network from the Jupyter Notebook Terminal.
I am trying this for a long time but can’t the issue.

What are the steps to solve the issue?

How is your board connected?

Did you read this?


I have setup the PYNQ board according to their guidelines. There is no problem and I am able to access the Jupyter Notebook through the link “”. When I try to ping from Jupyter Terminal it is not working. I checked my Network Connection and it is working fine.

Also, the programs on PYNQ Z1, will the same work on PYNQ Z2?

This error is what I am getting.

If you connect the board directly to your computer, it won’t have an external network connection, it is only connected to your laptop.
If you have a router, you can plug the board directly into in to get access to the internet.


Here I have bridged two networks. Wi-Fi (Viru) and Ethernet. After this if I try to change the static IP address of the Bridge I am not able to access the Jupyter Terminal.
Is my procedure correct?

IP of board may have changed. You can check this by connecting USB cable to board, and opening terminal there.
I don’t use bridging - connecting the board directly to router is much easier.


Can you please elaborate the steps for connecting the board directly to router? If possible can you share some screenshot of the connection?

Literally plugging the Ethernet cable from your board into a port in your router instead of plugging it into your laptop.
You can watch the video:


Thanks a lot.

The problem is solved.