QPSK Bit Error Rate

I am using the RFSoC 4x2 version 2.7 with the Strathclyde University QPSK Demonstrator Jupyter Notebook. I am attempting to use the data in the plots in order to extend the code so that I would be able to get some numerical judgment of the signal integrity such as error vector magnitude or bit error rate. However, I have been unable to pull the data from the constellation plots in order to perform calculations on it. I have tried using the ol.qpsk_rx.get_data() command but it tells me that it is a method and not actually an array of data for example.
For example, I am able to see these values for the plot but I am unable to pull those values from anywhere.

Any help or direction would be very well appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi there,

Not sure if you can achieve that with that particular example without modifying the hardware design.

Maybe these posts will be helpful


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