PYNQ demo QPSK demodulation

I tried use the ZCU111 v2.5 SDCard image to test the example designs for demonstration purpose. Following are my observation

  1. The QPSK test case doesn’t show any errors but unfortunately the plots in the codebase doesn’t show up even after waiting for some time
  2. The SD-FEC test case works and it shows the BER curve for different modulation cases

Would appreciate if you could clarify the issue behind it. “

Could you confirm if you are running the examples in JupyterLab? You can use the JupyterLab interface by appending a ‘/lab’ at the end of your IP address, e.g. For the QPSK example in particular it’s recommended to run from JupyterLab, since the demo uses plotly FigureWidget which is known to sometimes have issues displaying in standard jupyter notebook.



Hi Shawn,
Thanks for the reply. The system was run as per the flow you mentioned in your reply. Surprisingly the FEC example works fine but the QPSK model does not show the graph neither does it show any errors.

Is there any specific version you are working with ?

With regards

which browser you are using? if not chrome, can you try with it

Hi Vintu,
I assume you’re not seeing problems with FEC because it uses different plotting functions. If you downloaded a ZCU111 PYNQ v2.5 image, and are running JupyterLab the examples should just work out of the box. Are you running the examples from the rfsoc_workshop folder?

You could also try to grab the qpsk example straight from the source github repository

Embeder raised a good point about the browser. What kind of browser are you using? The quickstart instructions on the rfsoc_qpsk repo do recommend to use Chrome.