Sharing buffer address with programmable logic

Hello, I basically filled a buffer with some data using numpy and now I want the data in this buffer to act as input for my programmable logic. As I understand I will need to give the address of this buffer to the programmable logic but how will I do this and where?

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I suggest you check out these tutorials:

You should also provide more details of the interfaces to your logic. This way the answer can be more specific.


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Hi @marioruiz

Thanks for your reply. I did go over the DMA tutorial, but I am not quite sure how I can implement it with my IP (please see the picture below). I require high speeds so I assume that DMA is the fastest option. I have provided a picture for the interfaces of my logic. The input is a data bus of 72 bits, and on the output side, the data will be leaving serially. How can I go about implementing this?


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You should adapt your interfaces to use AXI4-Stream. This is likely the easiest solution.

Hi, I adapted my input (this is the data I need to be sent from python) to be AXI stream interface/
Also, how can I ensure that the data that I will be sending from python is binary? Do I have my input array of size 72 and have inside of it values of 0 and 1? Will it automatically be taken as binary?

Data is already in binary, like in any other digital system. You can interpret these bit it in many different ways.