Triggering Partial Reconfiguration with Jupyter Notebook


I’m attempting to complete partial reconfiguration using Jupyter notebooks. When I read the documentation, it says to

  1. users have to set the partial region for the overlay before they can reconfigure it
  1. After the partial region is set, users can use the download() method for partial bitstreams.'rm_0_partial.bit')

So I’ve attempted this with my own partial reconfiguration project:

Each toggle block has been marked as a reconfigurable partition of PR_LED_PE that has simple timers to change the brightness of the LED connected using PWM.

But when I try to set the partial region this is my error, seeming that the method doesn’t even exit.

After looking at the library, it doesn’t look like this method is notated anywhere.

So, how do I trigger partial reconfiguration in jupyter noteboooks if I have the partial bit stream files already figured out? I’ve tested my design by uploading partial bitstreams from Vivado and they work as intended.

Checking back to see if anyone has some insight. After looking around some more it seems Xilinx offers some DFX IPs which should aid in triggering scheduled reconfiguration for runtime, but I’m still interested in doing this via jupyter note books at the moment. Any ideas?