Pr_download is failed (partial reconfiguration)

First, I made a following design and generated bitstream.


Next, I wrote “top.bit” as a full bitstream on the board and downloaded it. The full design worked correctly. (I use pynq version2.5.)


I downloaded a partial bitstream on the reconfigurable partition, but I received some errors.
Error messages are as follows(“Could not find IP or hierarchy reconfiguable_partition_A in overlay”). I tried many times, changing the partial region name or file name, but situation is not changed.


I can write the partial bitstream via JTAG, so I think the settings of partial region are correct.
I read the documentation about partial reconfiguration, but the information is about v2.4 and cannot found the information of v2.5.(

How should I do in order that the design recognizes the existence of partial region?

Is you reconfiguable_partition_A in the main block design? You should not put that hierarchy under any other hierarchies. You must have overlay.reconfiguable_partition_A available, otherwise it will fail.

Thank you for reply.

I did not put reconfiguable_partition_A in the main block design.

I tried to remake design and put reconfigurable partition in the main block design, but I received the error message, “IP type module cannot be made into partition definition. Create a RTL wrapper on the IP and then create the Reconfig Module.” I created new block design including partial reconfiguration module and executed “Create HDL wrapper”. However, the new block design is not able to be added to main block design.

My design is here. “system_wrapper” is the main block design, and “design_1_wrapper” is the partial reconfiguration block design. What should I do to add design_1_wrapper to system wrapper? Or am I mistaken?

Have you checked

Thank you for letting me know.
It has been successfully resolved.