Try to use the Arduino IOP on other Zynq Board

I wanna use the Arduino library on PYNQ, so I tried to re-make the arduino IP to the xc7z020clg484 piece.But when I implement it in my vivado 2016.1, I always get the errors:
[Place 30-99] Placer failed with error: ‘Unable to place all the instance of site type XADC’
Please review all ERROR, CRITICAL WARNING, and WARNING messages during placement to understand the cause for failure.
so can we remake the pynq base block design to other zynq board or xc7z020clg484 ? thanks for help.

it’s said that i want to rebuild the base ip, then I can use the arduino and pmod on the other zynq board. and i have made my board run the pynq linux.

Did you update the pin constraints for the Zedboard?


yes, i did. and it seems about the place site, not the constraint.

I think the constraint will determine the placement - the two are related.
There is only 1x XADC on the chip. Are you trying to add more than 1x Arduino IOP? If you try to add more than one it will fail as each one needs an XADC. This could give you the error you see. You can have multiple Pmod/RPi IOPs.

Can you check your log/provide more detail on what you are doing?