Trying to bring the CanaKit USB WiFi fob up

I’m going through the FAQ topic on enabling a USB WiFi fob (the CanaKit version for Raspberry Pi that’s recommended. I issue:

sudo systemctl start wpa_ap.service

(response) [sudo] password for xilinx:

(I type) xilinx

(response) Failed to start wpa_ap.service: Unit wpa_ap.serrvice not found.

At this point, I have no idea of where to look for it, or even what to do. Any idea?


Jesse Jenkins

Hi @jessej
Here is a useful link that outlines conneting to wifi from terminal. See if this works for you.

Thanks. Will try it this weekend and get back to you.



Does the Pynq Z1 board used in the Workshops use the same board files as for standard Pynq development? When I look at the Digilent provided files, the only place I see USB is in the XML file that allocates the addresss range for USB0 and USB1. I don’t see it called out in the pin assignment one. Given that you’re only providing the .img file for bringing it up, all that detail is buried and hidden from view. I’m just trying to figure out of the USB socket is actually enabled, or not? Can you confirm?


HI Jesse,

The USB socket is enabled. It is connected to the PS
Check page 5, page 8 here:

Check section 8 here:

sudo systemctl start wpa_ap.service

only works if you have wpa_ap service installed. If you are using z1/z2, that service is not available. Ultra96 board has this service installed since it has an embedded wifi module.

I came across this reference on the WiFi USB connection for Pynq Z1:

Haven’t verified yet, but appears to be what I’m looking for.

Link on that page is dead. It should be to here for current image (v2.4)