Ultra96 v2 2.6 no wireless access point

I just flashed the v2.6 image on my new ultra96 board and it boots OK as I see the heatbeat led blinking. I do not see any WiFi access point being enabled. If I flash the ‘oob’ Linux image from the 96boards site I do get a WiFi access point. Is there an issue with ultra96 and v2.6 pynq?

This was disabled by default as in some environments it was problematic to have lots of boards bringing up access points at the same time. You can enable it again by running

sudo systemctl enable wpa_ap.service

on a terminal.


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Hi, You can find a few more details about the wireless AP under the release notes for U96 v2.6 on github here:

Thanks, that’s very helpful. The Ultra96 readthedocs still refers to the AP being enabled by default, which was what threw me off originally ( so perhaps that is valid only for v2.4 of Pynq and earlier.

Hi John, That is true. Thanks for pointing that out! Will update the docs at some point. Or if you like you are always welcome to submit a PR :slight_smile:

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