Ultrasonic Sensor PMOD

Hello, I’m trying to connect ultrasonic sensors to my PYNQ-Z2 board and I’m wondering if I need and ADC to do so? If not is there anywhere I could get a .tcl, .hwh and .bit file from so that I can test the sensor?

Hi @Eoin, can you provide more information? the sensor model and the interface for instance.


The ultrasonic sensor model is HC-SR04. I currently have nothing to interface the sensor to the board and I’m trying to find out what I need. Do you know what can be used?

@Eoin the sensor is digital and provides the information encoded in a pwm signal. You can connect the sensor directly to the arduino pins in the board. You can also use the arduino IOP to use the sensor.

However, you will need to write your own driver to do so.

You can find more information about the sensor here (Documents tab), datasheet and example tutorial


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