Using programmable logic in Vivado

Hi there,

I am a beginner to FPGAs and I am currently using a PYNQ-Z2. I am trying to see if it is possible to use the pattern generator and other logictools in Vivado instead of in jupyter. If this is possible, what would be the steps I need to follow?

Hi @Ari_C,

You can regenerate the logictools project in Vivado
Clone the PYNQ repository and navigate to the boards/Pynq-Z2/logictools folder and run make.

Once the bitstream is generated, you can download it to the board from Vivado. However, you will need software running on the PS to interact with it. This is where the Jupyter notebooks come into play.



@ marioruiz Thank you! could you tell me what the TCL command is to run the logictools makefile is?

You can find the steps to rebuild the overlay for Windows and Linux here


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