VS Code C++ Issue for Remote Development Extension

Hi, I want to develop C++ project on ZCU104 by VS Code.
I’ve studied VS Code on Xilinx Platforms article, and my procedure:

  1. installed “VSCode C/C++ extension” & “Remote Development extension” on my PC which is Linux-CentOS7.7.
  2. Set relative setting for SSH between client(my PC) & server(ZCU104).

I’ve succeeded to log in into ZCU104 by SSH-terminal & SSH-VSCode:

After that, I followed Using C++ on Linux in VS Code to build a C++ project on ZCU104.(I’ve tested the example on my PC, and it works.)
However, I meet bottleneck on “build task” step…
Article said it can select task from task list:

But I CANNOT find ANY default tasks

PS. It can show task list, if I don’t use Remote Development.

Any help will be highly appreciated!

I ended up creating my own tasks.json that I referred to in the blog.

I haven’t explored the remote C++ environment too much further.

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