Where to start with a C++ application to be integrated in PynqZ2 using Vitis HLS

Hi folks,

Let me introduce some context. I am a PhD student and I also work as DSP engineer in a company. As part of my PhD, I am developing an algorithm that I want to test on FPGA for validation and verification.

However, the FPGA world is very new to me, I am more used to microcontrollers and sequential executions. I, however, need to test my algorithm, which is developed in C++, in my Pynqz2.

My questions are:

  1. Where should I start? I already have my implementation in C++ but I want to start from any simple example and grow up from there.
  2. Is it possible that the algorithm can be somehow paralelized or it implement limits the paralelization of the algorithm by fact?
  3. Is there any template that I can follow to architecturize the I/O for my application?

I have many other questions, but these are some be the moment.

Thanks beforehand!

I would suggest you look at Vitis HLS
You can modify your C++ to make it synthesizable to create an IP for your board.
I have some simple tutorials on using HLS with PYNQ here:


found the tutorials! Thanks. I will follow them