HLS Emulator?

I was wondering if there is some sort of web-app emulator for testing out HLS before spending loads of time building the bitstream?

E.g. for circom there is this emulator

Vitis hls is the complete package to test in both software and hardware simulation.
I might have misunderstood you in some way in case it is not the answer you are looking for.

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First this is really have zero relationship to PYNQ.
Second why no ask in Xilinx forum rather than here?
Third, if you want such emulator you just need to write the C test bench along with the design.


Hi @alienflip,

Short answer is no.

As @mizan mentioned Vitis HLS allows you to run both C simulation (functional) and co-sim (RTL) simulation at the IP level with the same testbench.

If you want to run a system level simulation, you need to move to Vivado and write a system level testbench.

These topics are well beyond the scope of this forum. If you have questions, I would suggest you head to the Xilinx forums.