Wrong in building sdbuild in the PYNQ-master

I wanna make a rootfs.img for my sd card, and when i ran “make RELEASE=Pynq-Z1-Wily”,some errors raised.and I open the makefile, find the line wrong happend:
“checkenv: {WORKDIR}/release_info ifeq "{RELEASE}” "{BUILD_RELEASE}" which dtc which hsi which vivado which arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc which microblaze-xilinx-elf-gcc which ct-ng {QEMU_EXE} -version | fgrep 2.8.0
vivado -version | fgrep 2016.1
sudo -n true
bash {SCRIPT_DIR}/ bash {SCRIPT_DIR}/
so my ubuntu used to make the files can not find the hsi、vivado and some tools involved.But I installed the vivado 2016.1 already in the ubuntu how can i build the sdbuild’s Makefile successfully? Waiting for your reply.

Make sure you source the vivado settings before make.

so which floder or files should I source?I find many hsi in the Vivado floder.Thanks for your reply.

source the file of your vivado

thank you,and I will try it.

there is still no hsi, and the result of hsi is null.

You should look for a place something like:

source <your-vivado-installation-path>/installs/lin64/Vivado/2018.3/