ZCU104 PYNQ image booting with SD card

I have difficulties with my ZCU104 board booting PYNQ image.
I have downloaded PYNQ image for zcu104 from, and loaded the image file with “Win32DiskManager” in my SD card. Then, I inserted the SD card into my ZCU104 board and connected power. (I have connected the “Ethernet cable” and “USB Type-A to MicroB cable to the USB UART JTAG connector” to my PC, too.)

I just did like this video below.

However, the power LED doesn’t change to green and it just stays red. I heard that it means that the bitstream is not loaded and I can’t find any problem with my process.

Please help.

can you post the boot print log here?

you mean, the terminal of serial connection when I try to start booting?

Yes, this would be helpful.


Can you make sure your board is set to boot from SD card? There are 4 switches that you need to adjust - I think it is mentioned in the video - otherwise it is not booting from SD card.