Adau1761 codec question


Does the audio codec ip for the pynq z2 facilitate access to the adc data?

I would like to use the converted digital data to do some audio dsp by adding some custom IP in between the adc and dac conversion points. The codec IP which is in the base overlay doesnt seem to allow this sort of access. Is this correct or have I overlooked something?

I am using v2.6 with vivado 2020.1.

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Sorry forgot to add if anyone knew of any resources on how to write drivers for custom ips for pynq z2.

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If you want to write the driver on python, the best way to do it is to inherit from DefaultIP

Some documentation here


Thank you for your help again. I must has skimmed past this info. I will give this tutorial a go and see if I can apply it properly to what I am building.

thanks again

Also. I found a github repo which exposes the codec for audio dsp (cramsay/ Audio-Lab-PYNQ) but I am running into the same problems opening the project in vivado. the project was completed on a 2019 version of vivado. I have the 2020.1 version. I tried changing the build date in the tcl file but this throws up this error.

ERROR: [Board 49-71] The board_part definition was not found for The project’s board_part property was not set, but the project’s part property was set to xc7z020clg400-1. Valid board_part values can be retrieved with the ‘get_board_parts’ Tcl command. Check if board.repoPaths parameter is set and the board_part is installed from the tcl app store.

does this mean that the board xdc file is missing or not up to date?

thank you

Did you add the boards file to your Vivado installation?

The updated version of that page is here