Cannot read/write to AXI-Lite registers [MATLAB IP]

PYNQ version: 3.0.0, board Kria KV260

Hello, I am using a Sobel IP generated from MATLAB’s HDL Vision Toolbox. I have some issues accessing the AXI-Lite registers for enabling the core and setting video parameters. Example below:

As you can see I am unable to set the registers by writing to them. The issue seems similar to that encountered here but that solution did not work for me.

I also tried writing the registers with devmem2 instead to rule out PYNQ incompatability but that was also unsuccesful. However, I noticed every other register gave me Bus error which seems strange to me. Otherwise the results were identical

Has anyone had similar issues with using Matlab IP’s? I also made a post on the MATLAB board since I suspect the issue might not be strictly related to PYNQ

Edit: I was able to read from them after enabling readback in the matlab workflow advisor. I still don’t get any frame output from the IP however but this is a separate issue

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Do you still have an issue (other than frame output)? It seems enabling readback resolved your question?