Can't find the COM ports in device manager

Hi I’m using a Laptop with a micro USB wire to power my PYNQ-Z2, but there’s no sign indicating that my laptop has recognized the device when I plug and unplug it. I can’t find a corresponding COM in the device manager. I’m not sure where the problem is, I don’t know if any driver needs to be installed or it’s because my laptop doesn’t have a COM. And because of that, I can’t get access to the pynq ip to programme.

There are xilinx cable drivers that should be installed with your Vivado installation. Make sure that is completed. Otherwise, Vivado always works fine in Windows systems.

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I believe that you should be able to find a com port for the board without having to install Vivado. However, you might be missing the FTDI drivers that allow you to access the com port. The PYNQ-Z2 should contain a FTDI FT2232HL USB-UART bridge and you should be able to find the relevant driver for it from here: Drivers - FTDI

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